Hi Lovelies,

So you have discovered your design style? Good Job.

Now let’s talk about LIGHTING!!!!!!

Imagine walking into a dark room and flipping the light switch. how does your lighting make you feel??? Is it warm, festive, cherry, bright, dim, or even decorative?

Do you know that the type of lighting you install in your home contributes in creating your signature home design.

Today i will talk us through the various types of lighting available.


The three most common forms of architectural lighting are cove, soffit and valance; all three are integrated into the room’s structure.

Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting built into ledges, recesses, or valences in a ceiling or high on the walls of a room. It directs light up towards the ceiling and down adjacent walls.It may be used as primary lighting, or for aesthetic accent, especially to highlight decorative ceilings. Cove lighting is best situated in the hallways or the bedrooms

inspace design lighta

Soffit lighting is located in a soffit or cornice near the ceiling, and the light radiates downward, washing the wall with light. Soffit lighting is ideal for the bathroom

soffit light inspace design

Valance lighting is located in a wood, metal or glass valance (horizontal shield) mounted above a window or high on the wall, and the light bounces both upward and downward. The technique of bouncing light off walls and ceilings is known as indirect lighting, which is favored by many lighting professionals because indirect lighting minimizes shadows and glare. Best situated in entertainment spaces like the living room.

valance ligth inspace design

Architectural lighting is most often used as ambient lighting.


Installed above the ceiling, this type of lighting has an opening that is flush with the ceiling.Recessed lighting sends a relatively narrow band of light in one direction; it can be used to provide ambient, task or accent lighting. This is by far, the most popular choice of lighting for most home owners. It can be situated in basically any part of the house.

recessed light inspace design


Mounted or suspended from the ceiling, track lighting consists of a linear housing containing several heads that can be positioned anywhere along a track; the direction of the heads is adjustable also. Track lighting is often used for task or accent lighting.  They are best situated in work spaces and kitchens.

track light inspace design


Mounted under kitchen cabinets, this type of lighting can be linear or a single puck-shaped fixture. Undercabinet lighting is extremely popular as task lighting in a kitchen.

under cabinet light inspace design


Suspended from the ceiling, a pendant light directs its light down, typically over a table or kitchen island. A pendant can enhance the decorative style of a room. Pendants can provide ambient or task lighting. Best situated over a bar or at the dinning area.

pendants light inspace design


Nobody ignores a chandelier .. lol. chandeliers bring a certain dose of drama to a space. Suspended from the ceiling, chandeliers direct their light upward, typically over a table. They can enhance the decorative style of a room. Chandeliers provide ambient lighting. They tend to come in various styles from very flamboyant to simple minimalism ones

chandelier light inspace design

Wall Sconces.

Surface-mounted to the wall, sconces can direct light upwards or downwards, and their covers or shades can add a stylistic touch to a room. Wall sconces provide ambient or task lighting. They come in various shapes, materials and sizes. wall sconces are best situated in reading corners, be it an office, a library or a bedroom.

wall sconce inspace design

Desk, Floor & Table Lamps. Made in a wide range of sizes and styles, lamps are extremely versatile and portable sources of light in a room. Most lamps direct light downward, with the exception of a torchiere, which is a floor lamp that directs its light upward. Lamps are often used as task lights, particularly for reading, but can also provide ambient light. Like the names depicts, desk lamps are situated mostly on work surfaces, table lamps are situated mostly on bedside tables, and floor lamps can be placed at any corner of a room.

desk lamp inspace

So the next time you need to install lighting in your space, be sure to pick what works.

PHOTO CREDIT: Take 3 Lighting, Pinterest, AliExpress, homeedit