In 2017, following five years of hustling and bustling in the corporate world, Adaeze took a bold step and engaged in a career switch, where she moved from the pension  industry to start Inspace Design Company. Inspace Design Company was formed in Lagos, Nigeria with a little more than passion and the desire to add color to the Sub-Saharan African interior design landscape.

The great mind of Adaeze, supported by a small team, a seed was planted which is now growing towards becoming an enterprise, whose mission is geared towards beautifying the customer’s spaces and simultaneously adding value to customer’s lifestyle.

Today, Inspace Design is a focused-driven interior design company whose main aim remains true to the initial purpose of creating quality customized homes and work spaces. The Inspace Design portfolio includes hangout areas, executive offices, residential areas, children’s bedroom and sitting room.

Our purpose is not limited to design, we are also involved in constructing and developing smart-looking spaces based on client’s specifications (spaces that speak to the client’s needs) by making use of new technologies and equipments. This is our contribution to a globalized Earth. Changing homes and lives has never been more rewarding.

We look forward to working with you…


Adaeze Ekeopara