Apologies for the unintentional hiatus. Life happened .

But i’m back stronger and badder with lots of amazing articles, i can’t wait to share them all with you .Today i will be talking about how to style a HOME OFFICE.  I live in Lagos, Nigeria and here the average entrepreneur operates from their homes.

Home offices are very convenient for the startup entrepreneurs while also serving as an extension for busy executives whose work responsibility often spill over into home life as well.

Inspace design company home office

Dream of working from home but don’t have an extra room to spare? An office that reflects the design and comfort of the rest of your home is a place you’ll want to burn the midnight oil.A home office doesn’t have to be a secluded space -it can easily be incorporated into one of your existing rooms with these easy rules:

1. Location, location, location. You’ll likely spend many hours in your home office, so don’t stiff yourself on space (e.g. squishing a tiny desk into a windowless closet to preserve the rarely-used guest room).

2. Don’t sacrifice form for function. Your desk, shelves, and storage should serve you, not the other way around. Consider your workflow and what items you need at your fingertips before investing in furniture, and then look for pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Home office furniture should complement other rooms in your house instead of screaming “soulless cubicle.” If your home has traditional décor, warm wood and soft, comfy chairs or a loveseat are ideal if you have the space. A contemporary home office can feature artistic pieces or modern metal furniture.